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  • Weddings and Residential Events
  • Weddings and Residential Events
  • Weddings and Residential Events
  • Weddings and Residential Events
  • Weddings and Residential Events
  • Weddings and Residential Events
  • Weddings and Residential Events

Weddings and Residential Events

A wedding is beyond a doubt, among the most important events in everyone’s life! As such, it is understood that you expect the highest levels of excellence for event organization, the reception, food quality etc...

Whatever the weather holds in store on this most important day, the rental and professional installation of canopies or tents is an excellent option for a memorable wedding reception.
Location St-Gelais/Chapiteau National has everything needed to wow your guests: decorative white linens adorning interior ceilings, pillar dressings, decorative white curtains, panoramic walls and much more!
In order to provide the ideal configuration and options, our specialized personnel will participate at your side in the planning of this dream day, by assessing each of the points below:

• Number of guests
• Dance floor, location, size etc...
• Live orchestra / band or DJ
• Meal planning: (buffet, meals served at tables etc...)
• Welcome cocktails, bar facilities etc...

By taking all of these points into consideration, we’re able to custom-design an event and floor plan with sufficient space to ensure your guests have enough room to fully enjoy the day’s festivities.

Just as weddings are important days, other important events lend themselves well to the rental of tents and canopies.

• Baptisms
• Anniversaries
• Private Receptions
• Funerals
• Family Parties / family reunions

Our team’s solemn duty is to inform and advise you of the best options to ensure the success of your important family events.

Receiving your guests under a canopy or tent lends a very measurable sense of prestige to the venue at weddings, parties, family reunions or any other type of reception. As such, tent and canopies have always been a popular choice. The canopy or tent adds a warm and distinguished appeal, which is a considerable plus in leaving guests with a wonderful impression of the event. Whether it’s in your garden in the city, at your country home, on grass or on asphalt, all possible locations lend themselves well to the installation of a canopy or tent. At Location St-Gelais/Chapiteau National, you’ll always be pleased with the rental of your canopy or tent.

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