Your event wouldn’t be complete without our extensive selection of practical and sturdy furniture. Location St-Gelais/Chapiteau National offers furniture rental services. You can choose from our extensive range of tables and chairs to ensure the comfort of your guests and colleagues.

As each event is different, it can often be difficult to anticipate what type of floor plan to choose. Our dedicated furniture rental resources will be pleased to help by proposing different options for layout / floor plans, all while taking into consideration the number of guests that you wish to have seated at each table. For example, we can furnish your canopy or tent in a classroom format, conference room, banquet etc... We’ll help you select a suitable style of tables and chairs which will lend themselves to the type of event you wish to organize. It is an important concern to us that all your guests are seated comfortably for the duration of your event.

You can make your choice from our tables, constructed of sturdy laminates in varying sizes, styles and models, as well as a correspondingly diverse selection of chairs and a complete range of tablecloths, also in various sizes and colors.

To ensure an enjoyable ambiance and successful event, there’s no substitute for a leisure area or ‘lounge’ corner. Location St-Gelais/Chapiteau National can incorporate these areas as you see fit and make them even more comfortable with sectional sofas, covered with white linens, accompanied by coffee tables and of course, bars and bar-stools!

With access to our table and chair rental services, you’ll have piece of mind, knowing that our personnel will take care of everything for you. We fully understand that too much of your time is taken-up by the preparations for your event.

As per your tastes, the type of event and the ambiance you wish to create, we will advise you on the best possible floor plan, as well as on the types of furnishings needed to complete the desired effects. Our significant experience gives us the advantage of being able to understand and in turn, meet your expectations, at which we are exceedingly efficient! We know our business and products well and can ensure that your complete satisfaction will be undeniable!

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